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No Smoking Day
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Still Here

Hi All

14 days and 1 hr ago i was breaking up my fag ends to make my roll ups last to midnight i smoked my last roll up 14 days ago , i hav'nt had a smoke since , there has'nt been one day that i hav'nt thought about a fag , i get good spells in a day then all of a sudden bang i could do with a fag , and if i be honest i miss them , but ive smoked for years heavily and i did'nt expect this to be easy , but i'll tell you one thing im dead chuffed ive lasted this long :), i cant get over smelling things like other people's smoke , the house smells different , and there's no tobacco lying all over the place:D , hang on in there Bev if youve got to get patches or inhalor or even nicotine chewing gum get it , i would never have got this far without them , like you ive been on a short fuse but the good people on this forum tells us it will pass and i believe them ,enjoy your holiday

thanks for all your help everybody


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Hi Rab :D

Great going 14 days well done you Big Hug

You have every right to be chuffed with yourself

It is only natural to miss them this early in a quit as are the other things you're feeling just now but it will pass Promise

Already you're feeling the benefits of not smoking and there are loads more still to come for you


Marg xxxxxxxxxx



Time and experience changes. If this was easy we wouldn't be here, we all have our challenges to face while quitting, but its truly nice to know you're not alone. Once the folk around you stop asking how your getting on, you really want to walk up to all of them and say.. 'HELLO? I'M STILL HERE? AND I'M STILL NOT SMOKING!!' and you do with some of them :), but the forum is a great place to mark your acheivements however big/small you may think they are.

Its all good, and the end result will be a much much better YOU.

For years we've not been able to see it, its like having a shroud lifted from our eyes, and the vision only keeps getting clearer as you go on with the plan. So its truly nice when you suddenly stop thinking about the days, and start seeing it as weeks and then eventually months .. or longer.

The key thing is.. never touch a single one of whatever you smoked again. Not now, not when a friend stupidly offers you one, not at weddings/funerals/parties or at christmas/birthday's. You may get a moment where you think, 'oh i'll have one to prove to myself that i've finally done this!'.. no.. just don't.. i've been down that route... it led me right back to months and months and months of 20 a day again.. one don't work.. it never will, it just makes you fail again.

Keep the faith, keep your mind strong, and your heart stronger still.

We'll all beat this.


Well done that's 2 weeks, no longer talking in days. Yes you will still think of fags we were with them so often and for so long but I promise as time goes by so does the thought of them. I used to wonder when I read posts from people who had been stopped for a while just how often they did think about them, now I know they were telling it as it is, I rarely think about them at all.

Keep up the good work and read lots.



Hi Rab!

Many many congratulations! You have come such a long way, and I am so pleased I was around to witness the transformation! :D

Keep up the great work - you are doing brilliantly! :D


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