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No Smoking Day
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joining week 3 in a few hours!!!!

quite shocked i've made it this far!!! but i seem to be struggling a little bit more, think about ciggerettes a lot and miss them:mad: Have not smoked though so am proud of myself, but thinking "the rest of my life without smoking??) i know it is the addiction and I only really enjoyed the first one in the morning, so have to remind myself all the time of how I felt when I did smoke!

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Yep your right its just the drug addiction causing this. The first thing it does is make you feel you are dependent on them, like you need them to do some of the most basic things.. it does this in such a way that you end up thinking that you are going to have a horrible time without them.. and isn't that just bloody convenient for the companies that sell them eh.. and the government who heavily taxes them. We've been robbed all these years, not only of our money, but of our sense of true wellbeing.. and all because of that very very first one we ever had.

We can't turn back the clock to the time when we decided to have that one, but we can make the decision to stay quit of them for good.

In time, you'll not have those thoughts you're having bextala, and they will replaced by super-positive thoughts instead which make it even easier to stick this out.

Good luck and (soon) welcome to this forum, it only seems like a short while ago i joined the week 3 forum myself, and now? well in 2 hours, i'm going into my second month.. it really goes by that quick.. and when i was on my week 3? i had some negative thoughts and i turned those thoughts around.

I listed all my reasons why i liked to smoke, then i started writing down why all my reasons for liking them were actually lies caused by the addiction and how i could manage just fine without smoking anyway. it helped me tons.


thanks Jase.

why do we count our days of being smoke free, because surely this is forever when do you as a non smoker stop counting those days???????????


All i know is at the beginning you do count each day, some days seem really long if you have a bad day of it.. and you notice the day more than you would normally.

On the good days they go by so easily and pass seemingly quicker.

My second week flew by, i don't even remember counting days.. i counted days in week 3 though as i did have an awkward few days on that week.

Eventually and i know this from a previous quit, you stop counting the days altogether, and perhaps just acknowledge another week done.. then before you know it once your in months, you get to forgetting what week your in too and you just start saying to folk, 'hey i've been quit since x date' and thats really i guess when it changes.

If you truly kick it, i guess it then moves on to oooh i've been quit for y years now, and i quit in yyyy. Or the really long termers who then go on to say i've been quit over 10 years, or like my dad, i've been quit over 25 years.

It just changes, how you brain registers time and how it stores memories changes, it has to, it has to make room for your more current thoughts and processes, and so it moves your past experiences back a bit. its the stuff at the very very back you end up forgetting a bit :)

So yeah.. time itself will make the change.. it will just do it subtley.


Hi Bex

Congratulations at coming so far!

I like counting - it reminds me how far I have come. It also helps me on a day like today when I wobbled - am I going to ruin 19 days of being smoke free? Not on your life! The further I have come, the more I feel I have to lose. Maybe that's just the way I deal with it! :D


Hi Bextala :D

Well done you getting to week 3 big Hug

You have every right to be proud of yourself keep it going


Marg xxxxxxxxx


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