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Woo Hoo

Well here I am, now in week 3. Can't believe how quick the weeks are passing now.

Find it a bit wierd but I feel really great and have done all week. I am making the most of every good day as under no illusions that there won't be a bad one along at some point to spoil the party.

Have only been taking one tablet/day for the past week and it seems to be okay for me. Have had the odd thought well if I'm okay on one, perhaps I don't need them, but then I come to my senses again and think I won't risk it. I know from reading other posts that it's a ploy by the nicotine to make you complacent and think you've cracked it and then it will suddently hit you. No thanks!

Thanks to Marg, Jase, Chrissie, Coaltyt, Bevyorks, Nicfirth, Ace and everyone else for keeping me entertained and sane during the past 1/2 month. Oooh, 1/2 month sounds good.

Hope everyone has a good day. ITS FRIDAY. :D

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Hi Trisha :D

Well done you on week 3 Big Hug for you and glad you feel good

You're right to be wary of those demons as for sure they sneak in when you least expect them

Pleased you're doing OK on one tablet a day but do as you say keep taking them for a while yet

I stopped them after 8 wweks quit as kept forgetting to take them at all


Marg xxxxxxxxxx



Yeah - well done - Week 3 top stuff!

Be careful of cutting down the tablets - I did that and paid the price. back on the usual 2 day now and doing just fine.

Half a month party? :D:eek::D



Isn't half a month just chuffing awesome :) stuff the counting in days, you now set your sight on the week target instead which seems to be what i did after the 2nd week mostly, i posted daily on here however as i was actually a newbie on this forum even though i was in my week 3.


Its a big milestone.. but now you are in the week 3 forum, i have to make an apology :(... it was me.. i ate all the chocolate chip cookies in the week 3 cookie jar.

Custard creams are hidden in the tea-bag container tho :)

So well done, u have come a long way since you began, but you can see now how different the week(s) after that first week are with experience now . So many new faces joining, bet they'll feel how you did in the early days too.


Hi Marg, I plan to take them for the full 12 weeks, unless I end up forgetting to take them, which I can see how that can happen as you think less and less about smoking.

Coaltyt: I also hear what you saying about the tablets. At least I have the option to increase if I notice changes. And as for a half month party, will have a joint celebration on Sunday as its my birthday and going to the pub with family and friends for a bit of an afternoon session. OH has the night off as well so will be good to catch up with everyone and I won't be the leper sneaking out every so often for a quick smoke and then using half a bottle of perfume before I come back in to mask the smell. (I have already passed the hurdle of going to the pub/having a drink, so know I can do it). Its good to be more "socially acceptable" now-a-days.

Jase: Chocolate Chip Cookies are my favourite as well. Seems as I a newbie in week 3 and I know I have to do my bit, I have refilled the jar with DOUBLE chocolate chip cookies. Handy to know where the custard creams are just in case of an emergency. Put a note by the kettle to say that the next newbie in here has to buy Jaffa Cakes. It's worth a try. :p Or maybe we should be putting carrot sticks in the fridge, what do you think?


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