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Day 100

Just thought I would drop a quick line is day 100 and sooooooo far soooooooo good :).

After 3 months of patches I found the C.T a lot easier than I anticipated and I have to say that I am feeling fitter and more energetic than I have done for years.

Its soooooooo good not to have any nicotine in my system :eek:...and to be free from the daily ritual of sticking a patch on, oh and how wonderful that I am now not spending a single penny on fags or N.R.T :cool:

The 100 days have flown by and for those out there in the earlier stages of the quit , STICK AT IT !. the longer you stay stopped... the easier it gets.

Regards Trev .

20 a day for 30 years :

Patches 92 DAYS / COLD TURKEY 8th DAY

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!! 100 days is fantastic! Keep going strong!


nice one - thats a great milestone. heres to 150!


Yayyy no more patches, no longer looking like a map of the british isles for you :)

Congratulations on your 100th day.. 4 times my quit time so i /bow to your achievement here. well done and REALLY pleased to hear how you feel now as i'm on patches on my quit.


Congrats on the century


Hi Trev :D

100 days is a fantastic milestone to reach



Marg xxxxxxxxxx


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