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No Smoking Day
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Made it!!

4 weeks 2 days ago I quit. I was going to say, "finally made it to Month 2", but if I'm extremely honest, the first two weeks or so of quitting were the worst. My last couple of weeks in my journey to Month 2 have passed in relative serenity! On reflection, I think it's because I KNEW that I would win the war over the evil weed this time. I've found that the craves have been fairly tolerable because my mindset has been different on this quit. I planned my quit with precision.....at the start of the school summer holidays! I have to encounter huge stresses when at home for 7 weeks with my two teenage children who have severe autism. I figured that if I could quit during this time, then I would be quit forever!!! :D

Thanks to everyone for the support :). I may not always post, but I do get a chance to read about some of your different experiences. I still maintain that this forum, also, has helped in my quit. I am now looking forward to my holiday. I'm going to a lodge at Loch Lomond. We have our boat moored there too so it's going to be a case of truly blowing the cobwebs away as I sail down the loch! :D

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I'm really pleased for you, and i reckon this holiday on loch lomond is just the ticket for you now don't you? What a difference it will be to be able to breath in that air without all the poisons you were using before to get you through your day.

I love scotland, have a great time, and I'm sure your two children will appreciate all the extra energy and focus you have too as you set about making this holiday the best ever!

have alot of fun :) and take care :)


Hi Zolat :D

Well done you 4 weeks + is great Big Hug for you

Enjoy your holiday smoke free and come back refreshed for the break


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Hi Zolat

Well done you :)

Hope you have a lovely holiday.............say hello to Nessie for me :D

Carol xxxxxxxx


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