No Smoking Day
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Hi all

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am still a non-smoker and doing really well. Would be perfect if OH would quit as I really don't like his face near mine cos of the smell - even though he washes and cleans his teeth. I cannot believe I used to smell like that and that non-smokers actually put up with it without saying owt - I am actually finding it very difficult to bite my tongue. I am just sooooooo pleased that I made the decision to quit. Best decision I've ever made. Think the timing def. has to be right though and for me this time it was.

Hope Everyone else is doing fine and will catch up soon. :)

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Great work hunnie. I know about the smell My oh stinks also takes my breath sometimes. HEHE


Well done Ishta,

I wonder how my missus put up with me after she quit years ago!


Hi Ishta :D

Nice to hear from you well done you

I know what you mean it's hard to believe that we all used to smell like that


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


Hi Ishta!

Well done you - congratulations! :D

My hubby gave up on Monday :D bless him - but I did have to put up with 2 weeks of the stink. Yukky yuk yuk. :eek:

Makes you think doesn't it!

Keep going - you are doing brilliantly.


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