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Day 3 for me

Hi all,

Following my introduction yesterday, im now on day 3, and not even wanting a fag, despite sitting in the van today with two smokers, although I did think for an hour non-stop this morning about fags with a nice cup of tea.

I can feel my sense of smell getting better already.

Only downside so far is that i've been extremley snappy with people, snapping at things that usually just go over my head.

Also, got a little bit of a cough, but thats about it. Nice and calm otherwise.

I think so far im pretty lucky compared to my wife who has been climbing the walls for the past 3 days (shes quitting too) and almost came to tears last night. Amazingly, if you knew us, you would have put money on it being the other way round.



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Hi Paul :D

Well done to you and your wife on day 3

The things you feel just now are all normal but they won't last for long


Marg xxxxxxxx


Well done Paul, these first few days are so important, without them there is no quit, it all gets better as time goes by. I could not have sat in a van with smokers at day 3, now I would refuse to sit with them at all. Well done to your wife, hope things calm down for her soon.

Look forward to hearing how it goes.



Thanks for the comments.

It wasnt that hard to sit next to them, although it stunk, I just visualized the picture of black tarred-up lungs that i've seen on the net, and that got me through.

I think the wife is getting better, and hopefully she will get past the next few days.



you mentioned this:

'I did think for an hour non-stop this morning about fags with a nice cup of tea'

if you don't mind, can i ask you something, did you smoke alot with a cup of tea in hand?

Only reason i ask is that i get the feeling that you craved the cup of tea the most, but possibly due to you doing both at the same time alot, you also craved the other thing (cig) to go with it.

To me its probably the same as a pensioner wanting a cup of tea and a lovely scone. Sure they COULD just go in the cafe for a cup of tea.. but oooh those lovely scones are there too.. and they've been in that cafe every other day for the last 10 years ordering the same cup of tea and the scone out of.. habit?

See what i mean? What you need to do i think is break the link with the tea and smoke.. you can enjoy the cup of tea without the smoke.. every time. Its part of the addiction illusion i suspect.

Sorry just my 2 pence, and purely guesswork, but who knows, it sounds plausible.



I've always referred to them as associations, but habit is the same thing. I found that the only way to deal with situations which used to involve smoking is to practice them as a non smoker.

Practice makes perfect.


Exactly, its likely the reason why i get more intense cravings after lunch at work, I associated that one smoke after lunch as being 'part' of my lunch break.. lunch then smoke.. and i did that every single day.

I'm getting very used to lunch just meaning lunch now however, and i've not had the bad pang's after lunch in work for a number of days now.

tis true tho, just takes practice.


Jase, you could be right about that.

I have been using one of these electric ciggies to help me, although I have run the battery down so when I use it, im taking fresh air and not any nicotine, and using this to emulate a ciggie with a cup of tea. I've only had to use the plastic ciggie about 5-10 times.

About the pangs after any form of food, lunch or dinner, bang, they really hit me hard, but it lasts about 30 seconds, then its gone.

Other than that, its been pretty easy so far, and I feel 100 times better already, more bright and alert. I swear to god the smoking was making me feel run down all the time, and with business preasures, I was probably heading to a heart attack!

Day 4 now btw :)


Hi Paul

Well done - 4 days now - that's fab!

I hear every word of the cup of tea saga! I had the same with coffee - and with your lunch saga Jase. I had a bit of a problem to start with as I spent the whole lunch time eating twice as much so I wouldn't have time to go out for a ciggie! I'm still dealing with that one - slowly! :D


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