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Lots of Positivity

After my bad days from day 11 - 15 I am now back with avengence!!! Have worked through the bad days and am now on the other side. I'm making sure I keep all the positive thoughts at the front of my mind.

After being completely miserable on Monday (day 15) I am now really happy again and soooo glad that I am still smoke free.

So here I am on day 17, pushing on and really looking forward to making it through 3 full weeks and then on to the whole month!

Hope everyone else getting on ok?


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Hi Stu :D

Great day 17 well done you

Glad to hear you're happy again and well done getting through that rough few days

Also pleased you have that positive attitude back again having got through that bad time if another one hits it won't be so hard

Everything gets easier with time Promise


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Hi Stu,

I am with you on the day 15 thing, but yesterday and today have been great also:) I am getting to the point where I realise that I havent even had a single thought about it all for hours! I am now able to construct sentances again and converse freely (and make sense..sort with eveyrone - hurrah...

The only issues is this nasal drip and sore throat - any suggestions welcome :)

Heres to the end of week three!!


Well done Stu you are doing great. Reading some of the literature would be good for you and your positive attitude. Just think you are over half a month stopped.



well done stu, beautiful thoughts:) brilliant so glad you carried on:)

sore throat try chewing normal gum maybe? just helps with saliva & eases throat a bit? x keep posting good to hear you


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