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Not to good this morning

Morning all, day 3 of not smoking and my body feels as if its awake for about a week!!

My throat is really really sore hurts to swallow, and my tongue feels as if it wants to exploded.:(

Otherwise quit is doing fine, haven't really had any bad cravings, just annoying thoughts of what haven't I done that I should have?, then realise that its my head trying to get me to have a cigarette, well sorry but I don't do that anymore!!

Hope everyone has a good day


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Day 3

Morning All

well we all got here !!!! how i dont know just glad i did and glad to see you all in here, sore throat today but finding hot Vimto !!!!! (eeeek) is doing the trick when i am in crave mode but gonna kick this suckers ass today it isnt beating me

bradders :)

p.s yes i do sound aggressive dont i hahahahaha


Hi Debby and Bradders :D

Well done both of you on day three just hang ing there

The sore throat and tongue thing are both normal but will soon clear up


Marg xxxxxxxx


The addiction makes your mind wander something terrible sometimes, in my first week it was like being caught in an intense day dream where i couldn't concentrate very well on much else other than toughing it out.

I'm sure the throat/tongue thing will pass, you may get other quitting symptoms too, but nothing, no matter how rough it gets right now is comparable to the damage you or any of us were causing by allowing smoking to rule our lives.

Retaking control is the best thing any of us could have made the choice and action to do, and even though it seems difficult at times, we will get through each challenge and come out the other side as winners.

We are in charge, not our addiction.


Well done Debbie, it seems you have some of the stopping symptoms, they will pass it's your body healing. In the early days I found it most useful to read about the addiction so I could understand what was happening to me and it stops us from being enticed back to smoke. You will find the websites in our signatures.

Good luck



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