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No Smoking Day
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5 week 1 day weaning process begins!! boo

:( well today i have reduced my patch to 15mg of which today the monster returned this morning!!! very grumpy to start the day kept telling myself it was all in the mind...then started to question myself but is it?? yak yak yak as my 2 year old says to food he dosnt like, that is how i felt today!!! didnt like today yak yak yak again but tomorrow will be different, i dont want to smoke & i havent had any major omg give me a fag now moments..just feel very moody & i dont like it!!!! mixed up hope tomorrow is a better one :):(

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That is only to be expected. You'll be back to "normal" in a couple of days, and when you know what normal is let me know :):p


You'll soon feel better

That is only to be expected. You'll be back to "normal" in a couple of days, and when you know what normal is let me know :):p

Hi KitKat,

Just wanted to repeat what Nic said including the last bit LOL. I felt a bit 'odd' for the first couple of days but it soon passed.

Love Gaynor xx


Hi KitKat :D

I know next to nothing about patches so can't help with that

Just wanted to say well done on just over 5 weeks that's great Big Hug for you

If talking to yourself helps keep doing it


Marg xxxxxxx


ok i read your post from yesterday just now, so now that you've gone another day.. how are things today?

The weaning process had to start sometime and yes the first 2 to 3 days will be an adjustment period, but once you are used to the new dose level, your moods will normalise again i'm sure.

We remain committed to the cause of what we've set out to do though and this is a very important step in your quit now. Stay strong, and even if you feel a bit moody .. it will be worth the extra gumption you give to your quit now if you once again prove you are more than capable of coping and coming through a winner.


thanks you all for support, ha ha nicfirth not sure about the normal bit either :D

thanks gaynor "that is the word ODD couldnt put it onto words"

Well everyone today started off a little moody but been a lot easier today.. youre right jase the weaning as got to start sometime but maybe i was being a coward & trying to delay it a little:D

well better mood & patch is smaller which is a plus xx

once again thank you all, got driving test in approx 6 weeks(bad timeing maybe?)


Hellooo, great that you've gotten to the weaning point :D I found weaning to be a pain cos I was cutting down my patch constantly but was taking huge chunks off every day so was doing it too fast. If you're doing the official way of weaning then I can see how that'll be less painful cos you'll have a few days of discomfort when you start on a lower level patch but then it'll be alright again until you're completely patch free so.. it's not in your mind, you'll be suffering physical withdrawl now, luckily it's easier to handle than the mental ;) Oh and if you feel like you're going nuts during the adjustment period and are threatening relapse then don't feel bad about putting on a stronger patch again, better to be on patches than smoking and you can always cut your patches down in a different method that will work better for you.


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