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bye bye


;) Just want to say thank you for helping me through week one tomorrow I will begin week two - I know I dont really post too much but I do look forward to posting a message early even if it is just to say that I am still a non smoker (I dont think I will get sick of saying that lol) and if I make it a nice positive post I find that thought stays with me throughout the day!!!:)

Happy Days folks hope you all have a lovely evening

Kellie xxx

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Hi Kellie :D

Well done entering your 2nd week tomorrow you're doing fine Big Hug


Marg xxxxxxxxx

Superb!!!!!! You don't need to post often if you don't wish to, just hang in there and make sure you do post if you need moral support and encouragement.

Good luck on your 2nd week, hope you get the easy 2nd week like i got.

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