still going!

Hi all,

i am now on day 4 Yippee!!! i went to see the no smoking advisor at my local pharmacy last week, she suggested saturday the 1st as my quit date and gave me an inhalator to help ( i kept trying cold turkey but found it impossible to get past the end of day 3) and this time i am past the end of day 3 and i couldn't be happier :D going back to see her today, the inhalator thing is helping lots with the really bad cravings. I am using one cartridge a day at the moment though i haven't used it at all today as i haven't needed to! so i'm really pleased!!!! x

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  • Good for you Helen - great to see you back and so positive :D

    No slips this time, you hear? ;)

  • Well done Helen. And that's great that you haven't needed the inhalator today. Keep going, one day at a time.


  • That's smashing Helen, don't worry about using NRT products to help your quit, but, at the moment you're hardly using anything even though it's there if needed. David

  • Welcome back Helen,

    This time make it the time ;)



  • i will take it to heaven:D

    Bit presumptious aren't we Chrissie?

  • Hi Helen :D

    Welcome back and well done on day 4 that's great


    Marg xxxxxxxx

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