No Smoking Day
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here i am, not smoking, all i can think about is smoking, i think Snap has a point the more time i spend here the more time i spend thinking about not havin a fag. so i'm going to test this, i am not going to come here for 48 hours, that means that the next time i visit it will be 12/13 days. so wish me luck as u wave me bye bye (one for the oldies there) and i will be back with my test results.

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Do whatever you need to do to stay clean

And I'm sure we'll be here when you get back. You can do it- every day is a step nearer to freedom.


I can relate to that. U can read 'i'm gonna do this' 30 times on here a day if you go through all the posts.. now if you are intending to not think about it, the last thing you want is a reminder. Best just post when you need to in some cases i guess.


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