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No Smoking Day
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Monday Bl**dy Monday!

Seriously stressed this morning - do people not realise that I have stopped smoking??!! I have had a resignation and and two impromtu 1 hour meetings, before even sitting at my desk today and at one point felt my voice get quite high pitched and that horrible tight feeling in my chest/stomach. Managed to restrain myself though

In total contrast to yesterday when I had the best day so far by a country mile and was almost floating around the house :)

Thats better, feel much calmer getting it off my chest and am going to go for a nice walk and some fresh air.....and maybe some kind of small chocloate snack

This isproving to be the best thing I have ever done for myself - but also the hardest :confused:

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Some people, really:mad:

on the plus side you have managed to get through it, sounds like fresh air and chocolate r just what u need, i feel the NEED for chocolate quite a lot a the moment but only try to give in when desperate.

I had day from hell yesterday ended up in bed in tears at bout 9pm, but got through it, so we will get through today, and tomorrow will be better;)

Well done, Big Hug and keep it going.

Today i choose not to smoke.


Hey - thank you for your words of support, this forum really does help me out in 'that moment'. Had the most delicious Pret Pot of caramel loveliness just after my rant and felt much better.

I just wish I was at the stage where I could be the one with the positive comments:)

On a happier note though my Dog is beside himself as I took him for a run...not a walk or a drag....a run round the whole of the park yesterday - I don't know who was more whacked..but we both loved it!!


Hi Zoe

Sorry you were stressed earlier today but well done not giving in

Hope tomorrow is better for you


Marg xxxxxxxxx


I also had a really awful monday and didn't cave in to you know whats.

Glad you hung in there, everyone hates monday but at this moment in time we all got 3 times the reason to hate them :) I suspect we'll cope with them better soon, but you are right that folk need to appreciate what its like trying to quit. After all, they are the same folk who do fake coughs when your a smoker, so what do you need to do to appease them :)


Me too

Think it was just a Monday thing though, really could've lost the plot today, in the end I haven't exercised and have eaten, so when I put on weight I'll be fuming.

Well done on making it through today though, if it makes you feel any better saw a cigarette on the ground earlier, whole and perfectly formed, had a junkie moment, thought about picking it up, would've destroyed everything I've achieved as well as being thoroughly disgusting - hope it was just Monday!!:eek:

Using the term whole and perfectly formed is telling of head space too, don't you think? Obviously I still need absolute vigilance to the evil weed and it's hoary brother nicotine demon


I think i'd have done something close to 'riverdance' on that there perfectly formed cigarette on the ground, making it absolutely useless to anyone :)



Listen to us all, misery loves company, think we should collectively write today off, if you've had a bad one, think nice thoughts and float away to sleep. Tomorrow is another day.


I think i'd have done something close to 'riverdance' on that there perfectly formed cigarette on the ground, making it absolutely useless to anyone :)

You're so much better than me, didn't think of that.


Perhaps, but then folk are used to the silly things i do at work although doing a riverdance in the middle of the carpark by the smoke shelter might be seen by some as being a bit on the flip-side, even for me :).

I would definitely have to destroy temptation if i saw it on the floor though, if nothing else, to help others who may be tempted by it :)


Oh my yes.... i remember seeing a perfectly formed packet on the ground once, and becoming convinced that it had CIGARETTES in it and that some drunken person had dropped them. Very fortunately for me on that particular day it didn't.

And does anyone have the experience of finding one anywhere round the home? I do quite often, and have to give them to someone else to "dispose" of.


have to say, nobody in the house smokes, and i know that there are not any in the house, i also know if i found one i would smoke it i have no doubt, unless my kids were standing behind me and then i would save it for later, i have not smoked today because i have not had a fag in my hand :eek:

i don't know if that is good or bad, it just is.



Just don't smoke it. You'll undo everything too, just like I would've. Stay strong just for today.


Right back at ye Chrissie.

"I feel good, du du du du de dum, I knew that I would, du du du du de dum"

You get the gist. :D


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