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Struggling In To Week 3!

I'm really pleased to have made it over 2 whole weeks without smoking. The first 11 days were actually ok, bearable maybe. Since the afternoon of day 11 things haven't been quite the same. In fact, since day 11 its been the most difficult time that I've had so far.

But I've stuck with it, got through it so far and will continue to do so. I just hope that I get happier soon and stop being so misrerable and snappy.

Hope everyone else getting on ok?


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Hi Stu :D

Well done getting to week 3 that's great

Sorry to hear you're struggling just now but I Promise it will pass for you

Also being miserable and snappy is normal at this stage of your quit

Have a look at the bottom link in my signature there are all sorts of helpful bits in there so you may find something to help

I used it a lot in the early part of my quit


Marg xxxxxxxxx


It will pass mate, for all my jumping around and shouting about how good I feel, there's still withdrawal in the back of my brain and its not nice. I think there's an excitement when you quit that can carry you through the first week or so, but then normality of life as a non smoker starts to kick in and can take you a bit by surprise if that makes sense.

Dig deep and stick with it Stu, if the depression of withdrawal was permanent then there would be no success stories.... you'll get through it.


I had my lows aswell as highs in week 3. it got a heck of alot better as week 3 pressed on, i found i was not very tolerant at the start of the 3rd week but it DID get better, or rather, i got better :)

Could it just be that just as we all hate mondays, that while we are quitting smokin we just hate them all the more and fret over the week to come more than normal?

If its any consolation stu, you are not alone.. ohhhh no no no :).. its a tough time, i don't need to tell you that, I'm 'avin a mare of a day here too truth be told, but i can tell you that where you are now, others have been and have got through it, and you will too.. to the point where you will look back (even if its only a few days), and think.. PHEW! Time is a great thing, if you endure this bit now, it will get more manageable. This is just your addiction giving its best shot at being awkward right now, only this time you're going to beat it, and you will not let it get to you no more.

Deep breaths help alot i find at the moment, hope they work for you too.


Many thanks for the comments all.

If I really think about it then I know that the way I am feeling is not down to giving up - its related to other things which would have got me annoyed and miserable if I was smoking or not. I'm just blaming my feelings on not smoking.

Right, time to get that positive thinking back and to keep ploughing on and then I'll soon be passed it and looking forward to getting to the end of the 3rd week.



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