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No Smoking Day
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4 weeks & 6 days happy days

:):):):)just read youre post jase, i agree with the smile thing tee hee 4 smiles a day from now matey...

So here i am, still here, 4 weeks & 6 days almost into 5 weeks - going clinic tomorrow teatime for some more of my patches, stupid worry of the day at clinic they seem to give them out in blocks of 2 weeks & because i go on holiday in 2 weeks time do you think the kind nurse will give me 3 weeks supply??

anyway im still happy, having beautiful thoughts a little tired today, & kind of wondering wot plans i should make for my kids tomorrow!!mmm depends on weather, mite do a picnic at the park(not near the dog poo!!!eek i would freak)

coz had you all know i dont drive yet, so i am limited to places to go, live in a village with 1 shop..a barbers,a hairdressers, a bookmakers, 2 chippies, 1 indian restaurant, 3 pubs, 3 clubs(not nightclubs like social clubs!!)a small buttie/pie shop & think thats it.. not in walking distance to proper places with good shops & good kids fun places......& public transport isnt too brilliant considering .........hey but im not smoking

i did have i want a fag moment earlier after tea, it was annoying coz i could have just mmm the thought, been eating a lot more though, gee whizz my mind is kind of centering on food thought for the past 2 days like wen im eating something im planning my next meal NOT good!!! hope it passes x

beautiful beautiful thoughts xx

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5 weeks tomorrow then, good work so here's more than 4 smileys for you



hey hey thanks nicfirth, lots of smileys loving it x:):):)you just get 4 mate sorry cant do all that computer stuff :D


Ohh thats a nice thought, 5 weeks v. nearly :)

Have u added that up yet as being how many you've not smoked, and how much you've saved? i find that very encouraging doing that.

Congratulations to you on this 5 week milestone, gooooo you :)


Congrats, I'm sure the nurse will give you 3 weeks, they wouldn't want you to fail having done so well.

If they say no, be prepared for it and I'm sure you could buy some - just for a week.

Well done again.


Hi KitKat :D

Well done you almost 5 weeks is great :D

You sound so much happier and more positive as well :D

Keep those beautiful thoughts you've found :D


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


thank you all, been clinic all is well, reducing patch strength tomorrow to 15mg eek!!! i have been told it is all in the mind hope so :) even more beautiful thoughts needed for tomorrow wish me luck x gave me 2 weeks supply today & told me to go back next monday for more to see me over hols x


at first stepping down seems like 'omg!' but after the last 3 days ct'ing, i can definitely say that you'll cope just nicely on a 15mg delivery over time.

I am going to see about getting step 2's soon myself earlier than specified and manage on them for a bit, it will save risking my fingers cutting up 21mg patches and 14mg is higher than 10.5mg so i'm game for that RARRRRRRRR!

You see how you go though yeah? this is about your comfort zone, not anyone elses, so if you struggle, don't be afraid to say so. Oh and try drinking some fresh orange juice too, i drank that this weekend, and i swear it helped with cravings.. might have been all in my mind, but it seemed to help.


thank you jase, i feel bit omg thinking about it..but in honesty i should be going in for a driving test in around a month (booking it tomorrow) so didnt want to be reducing down then - so for convenience doing it now to get used to lower strength otherwise i would just be doing the reductions as instructions, nurse at clinic said i be fine so hopefully i keep updated


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