No Smoking Day
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Big Day

Day 9 today and its the feared BBQ 3pm to 2am.

Have sort of made a plan of action:-

1. Took tablet last night (as I have only been on 1) for extra protection against the little buggers!

2. Only take one bottle of wine, so hopefully won't get drunk.

2. Arrange taxi (OH but he doesn't know it yet) to pick me up about 7pm

3. Design a badge which reads "if I am drunk and beg for a ciggie, do not give me one!"

Will let you know how I get on.

PS: Feeling good again this morning.

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Good luck to you, don't over worry though, you'll drive yourself potty otherwise.

Hope it goes well, and i'm sure it will.

Hang in there kiddo!!


Hi Trisha :D

Sounds like a good plan of action you have there enjoy the BBQ


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


Hi Trisha

My fingers are crossed that it all worked out - and - can I borrow your badge? :D


well, I'm back and things didn't go according to plan I'm afraid.

Did only drink the alcohol I took then went onto diet coke, which is a good thing really. OH didn't pick me up at 7 as I forgot to tell him to. Was really good though and didn't smoke. Ended up going to the pub with a friend about 8pm, she is a smoker!

She was stood at the bar with her drink and I said, if you want to go for a ciggie that's fine so she did. I even went outside with her and sat in the smoking area AND had no desire whatsoever to smoke. I went outside several times with her and it was the same each time.

I have since come home and had to get a shower straightaway as I smelt!

I am so proud of myself that I put temptation in my way and resisted, bring on the next challenge.

Onwards and upwards. Day 10 tomorrow. :D


Well done you :).. sometimes using temptation itself can strengthen what you are setting out to do. I did that a number of times, and it worked for me.

REALLY glad to see you going into your day 10 now.

WELL DONE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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