No Smoking Day
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Hi guys

Was really looking forward to coming into work to post this morning - I had footy training last night (gealic) and oh my God the difference was AMAZING I feel so good today well poor muscles are still a bit sore but chest heart and lungs feel great I can really notice the difference already!

This is my first time cold turkey and I am truely convinced it is the best!! (for me personally that is) :D There is no going back :D

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Well Done Kelu

I went for a long long walk last night and it felt great.

You're very brave going cold turkey, I am a bit of a wuss so needed help.

Keep it up.


Yup very well done mate!



Exercise is so much more enjoyable when it is that bit easier I get so embarrassed when I am huffing and puffing and everyone else is fine and the coughing afterwards is just nasty - defo not missing that

My theory is that being a non smoker makes it easier for me to exercise and I love the feeling of running 2 or 3 mile when a year ago I could not run for 2 or 3 minutes - I have lost two stone and now hopefully can loose one more cause I can train harder!!! Just have to stay away from the biscuit tin haha



Nothing helps more than signs of improvement, and i'm pretty sure this is only the beginning of a rediscovery of the things you've had to put by due to smoking. Being able run a distance without feeling worn out before you shojuld is a great thing!

I was getting out of breath just running up and down the stairs, and with a 2 year old daughter I have quite a bit more energy now to cope with the silly games i end up playing to keep her amused :) Its doing me good and it certainly sounds like you are already finding the benefits outweigh ANY negative aspects of the quit.

You just gotta keep this up now, to be seeing the benefits on day 3 now, imagine how much better it will be in weeks and months!


Thanks Jase

I totally agree with you I cant wait to discover the next improvement its like a little treasure hunt lol

I have yet to find a negative factor of becoming a non smoker - even the cravings are good because I know my body is only crying out for nicotine because I have cut of the supply completely I am fighting an addiction - finally dealing with a problem that I have created and forced myself to live with for ten years - this can only be a GOOD thing!



Wait til you suddenly find your sense of smell returns. It hit me suddenly, the smell of fresh bread and freshly cut grass were two smells that were quite overpowering. I love my food too, i'm a big fan of food, but never over eat, love spices, and enjoy trying new flavours.. and this last week i've found i'm tasting more than in many months, and tis great.

You are right though, it IS an addiction, and with a strong frame of mind, you'll cope with it well. Addiction will conjur many an illusion, and being able to spot it and stamp on it is so nice.

Knowing all the things i've given up in my past in my days of clubbing and the nightlife helps me realise that quitting smoking is the last step in my reclaiming what was mine in the first place. Yes its a challenge, but one i'll meet head on.

Your positivity is very evident in your post(s), so i think your already on the right track and with the right frame of mind.


Thanks - If I stay positive it is so much easier!!!

I know what you mean about smells etc. I cant wait to start noticing the little pleasures again rather than when I was a smoker in my head I was too busy trying to get things done just to have smoke at the end of it then I would have a smoke before I would start something else then have a smoke during as a wee break what a big fat waste of time :confused::rolleyes:

I am so glad I am not a smoker anymore :o:D


\:)/ (yay!)

Its a wonderful feeling and it only gets better, and easier.

I know where your coming from too when you say about getting stuff done just so you can have a smoke at the end of it.. in my working day i think i found excuse for 1 an hour, every hour.. and sometimes it was just when there was a microsoft installer progress bar on my screen.. 23% installed.. go for smoke.. come back.. etc.

Now though, in those gaps i disappear off to do another task and the end result is my day seems more focused and deadlines easier to meet. Smoking was taking me away from meeting that before, and i've more time to do stuff now.


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