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Day 10 & doing ok

Hi all, day 10 today and I have been doing ok.

A few craves but not lasted long.

Just need to get over this weekend, husband going to have his gall bladder removed on Sat and I know I will get stressed & worried. I was going to leave my quit untill it was all over, but there will allways be something to be stressed & worried about so there would never be a good time.

hope everyone is feeling ok.

Love Joan XXX

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Hi Joan :D

Well done day 10 double fgures is great

Sending you and hubby good wishes for Saturday

Also sending you a prayer for strength and positive vibes


Marg xxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi Joan,

Congrats on reaching the fabled double digit day! You're doing really well. I'm at about the same stage (one day behind) and feeling about the same cravings wise etc - lets hope we keep going from strength to strength.

Sorry to hear about your husband - I hope his op goes well and that you don't get too stressed by it. you're right when you say that there's always some reason not to quit - either a stressful thing or a holiday/big night out. I reckon (with my new found nine day wisdom :rolleyes:) that it's best to just take the leap.

At least with you over the worst of the cravings etc you'll be able to be there for him and not worry about having to get a nicotine fix. I'm sure you'll make it through the weekend and be all the stronger for it.

Once again, all the best to your husband and I hope all goes well.


Hi Joan!

Well done on Day 10 - we made it! :D

I'm so pleased the craves are bearable for you - that's good to hear. We are all thinking about you and hubby.

Your anniversary is one that really needs a celebration - here's hoping that all goes well and you are together for the big day!


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