Hi Day 9!

Well, that's me through my first proper night out. I had a dodgy half hour at about 8pm where I went and sat at a table on my own and puffed away on my inhalator. The rest of the night was ok - good laugh and not tempted to smoke at all!

Hope the rest of you are doing well and I'm going to really enjoy waking up to my clean-lunged day 9 tomorrow!

Never quit quitting!


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  • Hi writerchris

    Well done you for having a drink and no ciggie. Bet that was a good feeling :)

    Thanks for sticking up for us re my cooker post...........seems I'm not allowed to be silly. :(

    Well done again and I bet you'll feel great in the morning.

    Carol x

  • I sure will!

    Thanks for the support Carol,

    It's all mutual here as far as I'm concerned - the word Hitler can go whistle in the wind! I love the informal chatty nature of this place and who is he to tell us what to talk about ;o)

    Yes tonight felt tough at times but even the long walk home was euphoric as it was wonderfully smoke free.

    Long live silliness!


  • Yes that was why I joined here.................the banter as we say has got me through many a low day.......and I have had a few.

    Glad you enjoyed your walk home...............the air smells much fresher now ....I guess it always smelt like that we just didn't notice it :eek:

    Carol xxx

  • Yup - banter is king!

    I love non-smoking world :D

  • Hi Chris :D

    I'm pleased you enjoyed your night out although sorry you had that short rough patch well done you

    I'd also like to say thnks for the support you gave us

    I don't like being dictated to and find the frinedly banter on here really good and I think it helps us all to forget the bad times for a while so if I can help people by joining in with it I will

    It's also why we sometimes have a party on the forum it cheers people up and that;s what matters as far as I'm concerned


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Marge

    My pleasure re:support and I couldn't agree more!


  • Hi Chris!

    Day 9 is fantastic - well done! The big one-zero tomorrow - hope you are planning something really good! :D

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