No Smoking Day
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4 weeks & 2 days

hello beautiful thought, beautiful thoughts reprogram huh....well started day in an okay sort of feel, went through the hum drum of routine, this afternoon was fab took chrissie & caz advice & we had a pretend birthday party, put nme tv on then myself & the lads danced & danced, we did hunt the go go figures(stupid little tiny toys) & had chocolate, lollies, jelly sweets we even lit a candle & sang happy day day today ha ha it was good i must admit the kids had fun & so did i ....its kind of filled a rainy anoon & took my mind off the whole smoking thing infact i thought all the hours & minutes ive smoked ive missed out on my kids.

anyway boring you all yet again...its not all been a beautiful day.. up & down with my moods from teatime onwards ...

thought of the day is that im not constantly thinking of smoking every minute of every day anymore just kind of a real feeling of missing something at a good few times in a day... the craves also dont seem as bad just again when i do get one i kind of feel sad, the thing is i know 100 percent that i wouldnt enjoy a cigarette & i know fully that i most deffo would feel 100percent depressed if i smoked, at the moment i think im coming to terms with the death of my fags?? does that make sense ?

thanks for listening x

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Last stage is acceptance and it sounds like you're pretty much there :)


Hi kitkat :D

Well done you're doing great

You sound so much more positive now and when you really get the mindset and acceptance together you'll find it a much much easier road to travel


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


Glad you and the kids enjoyed your party :)

Laughter is the best medicine. You seem so much more positive and you are doing soooooooo well. You CAN do this, just think how much happier you will be.

Give the kids another party Maybe not they might get a bit sicky from all the party food.

How about a treasure hunt in the garden.................hide their toys then draw them a map and let them find them. :D

Carol xx


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