Hello Day 9!

I'm up for another celebration tomorrow when I hit double figures! :D

Now, you see, it's pretty obvious from my opening gambit that I'm having a good day! I'm so glad yesterday has gone. I woke this morning as if nothing had happened and faced a brand new day with renewed vigour. All is well with the world.

I just have this one little problem - my usual coffee (that I drink at least 5 cups of) tastes like poo! Have I really drunk this rubbish all these years???

Tomorrow - being day 10 - I shall treat myself to some proper coffee. :D

Oh - did I tell you tomorrow is Day 10 and therefore double...


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  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    Yep you told us tomorrow is day ten and double figures well done

    So proper coffee to celebrate eh Don't forget the rest of us please I'll get some chocolate caramel biccies for us all OK

    Glad today was good for you


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

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