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Started week 6 yesterday!

Okay......I must be less focused on the urge to smoke...I had to look at a calendar to figure out what week I am in:) I am 5 full weeks no smoking and on to day 2 of week 6! Still using the nic gum.....although use about 1/2 the amount that the package says.....I just didn't need 9-11 pieces a day. I average 4 a day pieces but have more like 7 for the day if I drink wine!

I feel pretty good but I am nervous when I think about the day coming that I have to end the gum! I will probably be posting 10 times a day at that point! And probably will quit drinking for a while!

Hope everyone is doing well......I read posts a few times a day as it gives me strength to go each day without smoking!! Thank you!


quit 7: married mom to 4(boys: ages 8,6,4,2 1/2)

method: nic gum

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Hi Hanna :D

Well done on your 6th week that's great big hug for you

Doesn't matter that you're still using the gum at 4 peices a day

I don't know much about gum as never used it but as I understand it you'll find you use less as you go along


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


Hi Hannah

Well done at reaching such a gret number - and without realising it! I can't imagine what it must be like to forget - says she on Day 9 and counting! :D

Well done, and long may it continue!


Thank you for your words

Thank you for the words of encouragement. This forum is the one thing that I really undervalued when I first joined. I had no idea how much it would help me in this process!



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