Day 6

Morning Day 6 and fellow quitters. :)

Feel good this morning, but forgot to take tablet last night.

Will I be okay with this or will the cravings creep up on me during the day. About to take this morning's one though. If I am okay today, could I just take one today?

Hope everyone has a good smoke free day.

Only 15 1/2 hours to Day 7 - ONE WEEK. Woo Hoo

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  • Hi Trisha :D

    Day 6 already well done you big hug

    You forgot the tablet last night don't worry you should be OK but there is a possibility of them creeping up on you if they do just treat them as you have any others you've had

    As for going with just one a day I think just see how today goes for you and then decide what's best for you

    There are a few on here that could only take one a day and they managed just fine

    So see how today goes OK


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

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