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Nearly a week

Hi all

Wel it's nearly been a week and I'm not finding this as difficult as i first imagined. but then I am using nicotine replacement so maybe it will be a different story come October....we shall see.

The girls are fighting already and its not even 9 in the morning yet. I think I'm gonna spend the day out with them to keep them happy and to stop me from getting stressed. OH will probably have a lay in as usual so it's up to me to entertain them. (to be fair OH is on a night shift tonite!)

Anyway Good luck for reaching day 7 and long may it continue ~xXx~

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Hi Ishta :D

Great nearly a week now

I'm so pleased you're not finding it as hard as you thought

Enjoy the day out with your children


Marg xxxxxxxx


Well done, hope you have a good day out with the kids and let us know how you got on.

At this rate you will be week 2 before you know it.


Week 2 is so much easier than the first week, you see a heck of a difference and it will give you more ability to cope with the odd stress here or there too.

Well done so far!!!!!


Hi Marg, Bevyworks and Jase180709

Well I had a great morning and afternoon with them. Took them to the market then the park where my 3 yr old met some of her friends so she was happy, My 2 yr old was fine all day up until now and it's times like this that I'd want a smoke for some peace and quiet. She's crying now going mummy mummy mummy. Arghhhhhhh rambling and she's appeared at the door so gotta go. . . . .

. . . . . right, think she's gonna stay in her bed now (hope so as she ended up with me last night).

So anyway, found myself thinking how easy it would be to light up a couple of times today, I did'nt of course, but the thought was there. Must say how different things are after a few hours - am finding it quite difficult tonight but Light one I shall not

Hope everyone else has had a good day today ~xXx~


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