Yeah come on Day 4

Morning fellow quitters. Well here I am rocking into day 4 and smoke free. Yeah come on this is great. Usually would have smoked 2 by now, feeling tired and smelling like a stale piece of crap. Not this morning, wide awake and ready for the day, oh and smelling good :)

Keep up the great work everyone. Together united we will all be free of the weed forever and be living healthy great lives. On a natural smoke free high.

Well off for some munching before work and no doubt will be back on here laters for an update. Keep in there everyone.


4 Replies

  • Good morning to you too.

    What a wonderful jolly post from you. Have a good day, keep strong, breath deep, cause it sounds like you've got it beat.

    Off to grab a shower shortly.

  • Hi Andy :D

    What a lovely cheerful post that is

    Well done you on day 4 and obviously full of the joys of life this morning


    Marg xxxxxxx

  • Hi Andy im rocking along with you on day 4 , bad start to the day but its settled down fine and still without a fag :D

    Thanks everyone


  • Thats the way Rab, we are smoke free come on.... Keep up the great work.

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