Adios Day 6!

Hi everyone!

Well, it's past my 9pm quitaversary so goodbye to day 6 of being a non smoker!

a few cravings today - a strong one at about 9pm, I'd cut down on my inhalator and gum as I felt good today - perhaps a bit premature, but I survived, even though I keep tobacco in my room to confront the urge head on.

Here's to day seven going ok and I'll be rooting for all of you


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  • Rarrrr keep going now!, you just a day away from a whole week now, and how nice will it be to say 'i've been quit a week'. You watch, you'll sail through day 7. Here's hoping for and easy day :)

  • Cheers :)

    Yup here's smoking (whoops - hoping! how's that for Freudian!) that tomorrow goes smoothly and thanks very much for the support. This place is helping me massively (along with my girlfriend and my blessed inhalator)

  • Just think, when you wake up you'll already be 6-8 hours in :) don't u just love sleep :)

    .... speaking of which.. time i caught up on what i missed out on last night.

    nn and good luck for the next day :)

  • Ha ha - all very true! Sleep is one of the fun things that is actually good for us!

    Sleep well, congrats again on your own success and roll on tomorrow


  • Hi Chris :D

    well done keep going you're doing great


    Marg xxxxxxx

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