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Adios Day 6!

Hi everyone!

Well, it's past my 9pm quitaversary so goodbye to day 6 of being a non smoker!

a few cravings today - a strong one at about 9pm, I'd cut down on my inhalator and gum as I felt good today - perhaps a bit premature, but I survived, even though I keep tobacco in my room to confront the urge head on.

Here's to day seven going ok and I'll be rooting for all of you


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Rarrrr keep going now!, you just a day away from a whole week now, and how nice will it be to say 'i've been quit a week'. You watch, you'll sail through day 7. Here's hoping for and easy day :)


Cheers :)

Yup here's smoking (whoops - hoping! how's that for Freudian!) that tomorrow goes smoothly and thanks very much for the support. This place is helping me massively (along with my girlfriend and my blessed inhalator)


Just think, when you wake up you'll already be 6-8 hours in :) don't u just love sleep :)

.... speaking of which.. time i caught up on what i missed out on last night.

nn and good luck for the next day :)


Ha ha - all very true! Sleep is one of the fun things that is actually good for us!

Sleep well, congrats again on your own success and roll on tomorrow



Hi Chris :D

well done keep going you're doing great


Marg xxxxxxx


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