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Hello Day 7!

Well, as much as I have enjoyed being here, it is now time for me to say goodbye, I have to move on to the Week 2 folder tomorrow - sad I know - but that is the way that it is meant to be.

Thanks for listening, and providing my hands with huge amounts of distraction all evening long. It has been a real help - honest!

Today is day 7 and I am doing just fine - better than fine - brilliantly! I went for a run this afternoon and I am still buzzing! Since then I have cooked dinner, washed and cleared up, made lunches for tomorrow, hoovered the stairs and landing, done the household accounts and written to a couple of forums. Good job I have all this extra time!:D I have so much energy it is amazing!

So - onwards and upwards - Week 2 here I come....

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Hi Coaltyt :D

Well done you moving on again this time to week 2

Glad everything is going well for you


Marg xxxxxxx


Hi Coaltyt!

well done! It is amazing how much more time you have to do these things isn't it? The things I can do in a couple of hours now doesn't compare to when I needed to stop for 2 fag breaks in this time!


Ohhh well done !!!!!!!!!!! good for you !

I'm lookin back at where you are now from my recent few weeks, and can definitely say it will be easier over the next 7, and you'll spot the cravings and little moods that bit easier.

I found coping easier all round in honesty, so i wish you the same.

Congrats again!!!!!!


Well done Coaltyt!

See you in the week two forum on wednesday. Which is incidentally the first time post quit that I'll be venturing out to the pub - that should be fun.

I'll sort of miss the day 4-7 folder when I move on, but i'm not going to miss the sore lungs and stained teeth!



So pleased for you Coaltyt. :)

You going from strength to strength.


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