No Smoking Day
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Day 8 tomorrow

Hi all, well I have got to day 7 today so moveing up tomorrow.

Not been to bad but still had my moments, they come and go these craving.

so far I have managed to cope.

I keep coming on here and reading everyones post, then I know I am not alone.

Everyone seems to be doing really well, it is normal to have good days and bad days. Keep up the good work everyone.

Love Joan XX

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And well done to you too Joan!

I'm a day behind you, just ending day 6 and totally agree - it gets easier but the cravings keep trying their best (not as strong or as frequent for the most part thankfully).

Congrats again on coming to the end of that oh-so-tough first week and never quit quitting!


Hi Joan

Well done you day 8 tomorrow that's great Big Hug for you

Yes it's perfectly normal to have good and bad days but as you get a bit further along you'll fine the good ones are many more than the bad Promise

Keep reading and posting and yell if you need help OK ther's always someone around


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Hi Joan

I'm right on your tail! I'm just going to make my last post to this folder and I'm with you in Week 2 - how good is that!

Well done Joan - I'll see you "on the other side"!:D


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