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Thank God week 3 is almost over

Day 20 and it is not getting any easier. Bad throat, sinus and temper but the worst by a long way is what I can only call hot flushes?!!:confused: Break out into a hot sweat about 20 times a day and it can last from about 20 seconds up to 5 minutes?

Cut the patch down from the 21mg to the 14mg maybe that is part of it. Just at times it is hard to stay focused only good thing is I have not had any cig cravings.

OOOHHHHHH I have saved €225 by not smoking:D But spent €400 on crap I did not really want(need):rolleyes:

Thanks all this forum has been a big help

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Hi lrvnd,

Well done on getting to the end of week 3. When things get hard just remind yourself of the money you've saved. You've come a long way so keep going - I'm on day and can't wait til I get to the 3 week mark!



Hi Irvnd :D

Almost three weeks done and dusted sorry you've found it tough going but you've done it

All the things you've found are normal even the hot flushes yes I had them too but they won't last long

Keep going


Marg xxxxxxx


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