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Day 8 - I've got here!!!

Here I am in my second week! I'm so happy I'm here and in some ways I'm amazed I'm here. I remember the panic that would set in if I didn't have enough ciagarrettes to last me the morning at work - I could never imagine going more than a couple of hours at the most without smoking.

But then something changed - I have no idea what but it did and here I am. I already know that I'm not going to smoke again. This weekend I went out out to the pub - those who have read my previous posts will know I wasn't sure if I should go or not - I got drunk in the usual way and at no point did I want to smoke depite being out with 3 other people who were smoking. It felt strange yet absolutely great!!! I would have had about 30 / 40 cigarrettes just on that one day alone in the past but not anymore.

So, I'm all charged up, ready to face the challenge of another day and looking forwards to getting to the end of week 2.

Hope everyone else going ok, is sticking with it and not finding things too hard?


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Hi Stu :D

Well done you starting week 2 is great big hug for you

You sound so confident about this now and I'm so pleased for you even to the point of going out and getting drunk this early in your quit well done indeed

I well remember those feelings of panic in case I ran out


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Well done Stu

Welcome to week two you sound on top form keep thinking like you do today and your a non smoker for the rest of your like. Congrats you will feel even better when you start to fee and see all the benifits. Good for you.xxxxxxxx



A big hug for reaching week two, and an even bigger hug for managing the drink without a cig (i can't do that yet)

You sound so positive and up for it, enjoy week 2 and before you know it you will be in month 1.


Thanks for the comments everyone. Today it's definitely easier than last week was and here's hoping that it continues to get easier as time goes on.

Well done to all and keep on reading and posting when things get difficult as everyone is so supportive.



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