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Bye Bye day 5!

hello all!

Thanks for the continued support.Chris - special shout out to you mate - thanks for the nice comments to both me and my OH!

Well, I'm almost through day 5 and soon heading into day 6 smoke free! It's been the best day so far, I've had cravings (a couple of serious ones) but the empty feeling is mostly gone and I've enjoyed the day.

I'm hoping that everyone else is doing ok too and that we all wake up to easier days tomorrow!


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Hi Writerchris :D

You're now on day six I'm pleased to hear that yesterday was good for you

I also hope today is even better for you keep it going you can do this and the further you go the easier it will get

I think it's great that your girlfriend is helping you so much with her support also her thread on here will I feel sure help many members and their OH's

I know how long and lonely this road can be without support but my family and this forum were and are a great help


Marg xxxxxxxxx





Hi Chris!

Day 6 - WOW! I am so pleased things are getting better for you. Nearly one whole week - I do hope you are going to celebrate in a suitable manner! :D

Keep up the great work!


thanks very much guys :)

Day 6 and all's well (so far at least!) - even forgot to suck on my lil plastic tube whilst I had my morning coffee today haha

Hope everyone else is coping ok too!


Nearly a week

Well done day 6 is a fantastic acheivment, on one of my quits i didn't make it that far:eek:

No sucking going on whilst drinking coffee that sounds good ( I think).

I am entering day 4 in about 1hr and 15mins (not that i'm counting) and just trying to keep busy as i am on my own at the moment and find that quite difficult sometimes.

Glad to hear it is getting better for you, keep it up.


Thanks Bev,

Glad you're almost into day 4 - well done to you too! I counted the hours as well until I reached 100 hours or so, now I've swapped to days - not because I'm feeling uber-confident but because I never did like maths and all that hour adding is becoming too tiresome ha ha.

I work from home so I'm pretty much on my own too during the days, just keep busy and count down to the next milestone!


Hi writerchris, glad things are going well for you. I couldn't be bothered to buy another inhalator and am actually finding it quite easy going today. (probably because of the patches)

Here's to successfull end to day 6 and a bright and beautiful day 7.

Good luck to everyone else out there too - you CAN and WILL stop the cravings!


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