No energy!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so here I am nearing the end of week 5 and I am so drained. Now I have been having problems sleeping and was away for a week at my moms with the kids...which meant not going to the gym and running around taking the kids all over the place. However I feel just...lethargic! Oh and as of today from the day I quit I have gained 5 pounds. Sad part is I am not eating more...I am drinking less and have been exercising more( except last week at moms but I did walk a lot and ran some)! Darn it!! I sure hope it is true that this weight thing just eventually tunes it's self! Everything I read says it is typical to gain 5-8 pounds just due to not smoking but that it is supposedly going to melt away! Arg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone else experiencing this? What a bummer!


Quit 7: quit June 22 09:mom of 4

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  • Hi Hanna :D

    You're doing great well done nearly 5 weeks quit Big Hug

    Sorry you have no energy just now

    As for the weight don't worry about it just now it will come off again

    Everything you read is right I also put on weight about a stone but it is now coming off again and I am almost back to my prequit weight again


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

  • ahhh...protein might help:)

    Thank you for you reply. This eveining I ate a really good cut of Salmon and had a 2 hr nap today and I feel wonderful!! I think as a smoker my diet was I drank a lot of coffee and probably didn't eat enough nutrient rich foods! I am trying to increase my consunption of protein, veggies and fruits...really need to concentrate on eating only whole foods. That will probably help with my energy deficit!


    quit 7: Quit date June 22: mom to 4

  • hi hannahmarie,

    me too feel no energy/tired (28 days into quit)

    i think i need also to eat a little better which hopefully will give me a better feeling

    well done with youre quit 5 weeks is brilliant i dont know if i could do another day with how i feel today x

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