Hello Day 6!

Fabulous - Day 6 is just one day from Day 7 which is just one whole week. :D

I truly never ever thought I'd get this far, and I am over the moon. I know I have had chemical intervention to get here - but that's better than not being here at all.

I have had another good day - no real challenges today, and no wish to smoke at all. Even sat with OH this morning for coffee whilst he had a ciggie. It just reinforced how badly I don't want to do that.

Last night I had a couple of drinks - treated myself to a bottle of mojhito from Sainsburys. How nice are they! I think I had 3 glasses (small!) and they were lovely. It never crossed my mind to spoil them.

Discovery of the day - I think my teeth are whiter - can that be so?

Onwards and upwards!

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  • Nearly a week thats fab.

    You are there on your own merit and don't you ever doubt that.

    Can't believe you managed to sit with your OH whilst he had a fag and you didn't even want one, that is where i am aiming to be.

    Not only i am sure your teeth are whiter (i can see them from here). I think your skin and eyes are looking better too.

    We can do it, one day at a time.

  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    Well done you almost a week done and dusted

    Even sat with OH while he had a fag and a couple of drinks last night

    With no real challenges today either that's really good


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

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