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Give me a bit room

Just moved up at 1pm, not having it too great as OH is a pain in the ar** today, but i will not let his misery make me smoke (trying really hard to make that so). He has gone shopping with littlest and i am trying to get on with the ironing, i have not had any white wine for the last 2 nights and i think that is really helping.

I will get to the end of the weekend without smoking.

Good luck everyone and keep it up.

See you all in 4-7 real soon.

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Hi Bev

Don't give in! At least OH has had to sense to "vacate" the premises for the time being.

I am also on day 3 - well 64 hours really, I will have completed day 3 at 11:30 tonight.

Crack on with your ironing. I have just finished mine and if your pile was anything like my mountain, at least it will keep you occupied for a few hours, although I must admit it didn't take as long as normal for me as before I use to stop at regular intervals to have a smoke.

I am back at work tomorrow after being off for a week, so hopefully next week should be a breeze and go over really quick. The last few days have been twice as long although I am getting a lot of odd jobs done.

I read in someone's post about how white their eyes have now become, needless to say I have spent 10 minutes staring in the mirror trying to see if mine have gone whiter. Silly I know, but think if I could see a physical difference in myself, might give me a lift as feeling flat. That could be thought of going back to work though.

Well, off to put the ironing away. Looking forward to reading how you getting on in Day 4-7 Forum. See you there soon.

Margaret: How are you today, enjoying a peaceful Sunday?


Hi Bev :D

Well done on day 3 keep it going

Sorry OH is a pain today but get that ironing done while he's out and than have a bit of peace

Hi Toptrotty :D

Well done you as well and back at work next week

Keep it going sorry you feel a bit flat but it will pass

I'm fine thanks having a really lazy day not doing much of anything


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Hi Bev & Toptotty

Both on Day 3! Fantastic - well done both of you. You also both deserve a medal for getting stuck into the ironing - couldn't face any of that myself - terrible job - hate it!

Good luck with work Toptotty - I found it really helped pass the time!

Onwards and upwards!


Thanks for the support Coaltyt, it really helps. :)

Hope you doing okay?

Have learnt a few things today on the forum:

1 - Thought it strange that quite a lot of people had partners with the initials OH - then realised it meant other half. (I am a natural blonde by the way LOL)

2 - How people managed to get all the bits about themselves on the bottom of their message

3 - The relevance of the different headings: Day 1, Day 2 etc.

But was a bit confused though. I went into Day 3 as it is my third day not smelling like an ashtray, but have I got that right or do I count the day I started the Champix as Day 1 in which case do I go into week 2 (as it is day 13 from starting champix).

Warning: This forum is as addictive as Nicotine! I love it. :D


Well Done Bev and Toptotty on your 3 days

see you tomorrow on day4



Hi Toptotty!

Love your discoveries! I think you are right that Day 3 is Day 3 without a ciggie - not Day 3 of Champix - or at least - if you are wrong, I'm wrong too! :D


Love your discoveries! I think you are right that Day 3 is Day 3 without a ciggie - not Day 3 of Champix - or at least - if you are wrong, I'm wrong too! :D

Thats the way we count them, smoke free days :D

Congratulations to all of you.

You'll soon be counting in weeks, months and even years - just keep going one day at a time and it will happen!

Well done :D


Thanks for clarifying that guys. :D

Only 9hrs until the start of Day 7.


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