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It's like a ladder

You know when you're in the main forum, the one that shows all the different sections. That page reminds me of a ladder, we've all smoked our way up it. And now we're climbing back down slowly, hoping to not lose our stepping and fall off!

Well I've climbed my way down to week 2...just made it into Day 9 and its 00:47, I want a cigarette. Only because I saw someone on tv smoking and thought about it though, I havn't had any real cravings after Day 4 was over, they seem to have weined down a hell of a lot..I do get moments where all I can think about would be holding a cigarette and smoking it like it was 1999! But those days are over. I seem to be a lot happier post-quit? I never thought I wasn't happy before, but im walking around singing, dancing and whistling (not all at the same time! hah) like i've just had sex! It's crazy! I'm also loving the energy I seem to have, what I'm not loving is that i've stopped hoking up every morning, that stopped on day 6/7, I actually liked it (im strange yeh) but it felt like that gunk was getting out my system and fast, its stopped but I know theres more in there!! I do still cough up, very little tho, and its mostly spit looking phlemgh with small pale sticky lumps in there, the occasional brown tar looking phlemgh.

I dunno why I just told you all that, im sure you really wanted to know. And maybe even some of you are picturing it now...

haha ;)

I need a regular sleeping pattern!

Good luck to everyone who's getting through week 2, I know I don't wanna go through what I did last week ever again in my life!


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Hi Alex :D

Well done you on your 2nd week that's great

I agree it is a bit like a ladder altough I like to think of it as an upwards ladder as we all fight our way back up to health and fitness

Like you I'm much happier now than I was as a smoker

I'm glad you no longer get those craves and that the coughing has stopped so you must have got rid of almost all the gunk

Keep going it gets even better the further you go


Marg xxxxxxxx


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