500 Days! (WOW)

Something someone said on Twitter on a related topic (he had a drinking problem) made me check.

Today marks 500 days smoke-free for me, and anyone else who stopped on NSD 2008 so I thought I'd make a rare visit here and offer congratulations to my fellow stoppers.

At times, I thought I'd not make it past Day 5 and yet here I am. If I can do it, anyone can!

Good luck folks, whether you're on day one or day 101!

Oh, and a short anecdote while I'm here. Last week I came back from my first trip abroad since I stopped, and realised on the plane back that this was the first time in my adult life that I'd not made a bee-line for the duty free to buy my full allowance of fags. It made me feel quite smug :D (especially when we landed after 90 mins in the air and all the smokers were getting very impatient for thie hit)

Bye for now, I suspect I won't be back until my next landmark of 2 years smoke-free.

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  • Hi Plumski :D

    WOW indeed 500 days quit is fantastic



    Marg xxxxxx

  • Hi Buddy so sorry I missed you. Well done mate 500 days thats fab work.xxxxxxxxxx

  • Wow, that's great.


  • Hi Plumski :D

    WOW indeed 500 days quit is fantastic


    margareth has saved me that bit of typing lol as i was going to say exactly the same thing;)

    but also i cant wait to be on day 500, let alone day 365

  • Congratulations

    That is amazing - thanks for popping by - I may be here some time!

  • wow, how inspiraring,congrats,

    you must feel very proud,and rightly so.

    doey xx:D

  • Plumski i also have seen your youtube vid just now and have posted a reply there too as i believe a 500 day achievement should not go unnoticed to the masses on youtube.

    Congratulations squire! a true inspiration to us all down on the lower rungs.

    /stands up


  • Congratulations on 500+

  • go grab yourself some well earnt beer;)

    cor it feels like im back at school:(

    still congrats mate

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