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day 25

:)hi all a little easier today..infact this morning forgot to put patch on straight away, was buzy sorting out kids breakfast etc etc... after half n hour only because i opened the cupboard & saw them i thought ohhh eek my patch, i kind of thought mmm should i or shouldnt i?? but i put it on just for the fact that maybe bit to early in quit, & after the horrible moody day yday didnt want to make it tougher ( whether it would or wouldnt have been i dont know now!!) but i certainly will know in just over 8 weeks time, thats if i last that long (i hope i do ) having a positive day though so onwards i go, thanks everyone for support n advice xx

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hi caz

aww yeah im so proud ive come this far, & for lasting that long just makes me feel better without getting too cocky maybe? & yeah youre right bad days where always around wotever think i might smoke leaves instead, infactthe grass looked rather smokeable today, also heard banana skins can be smoked ha ha sorry having a daft moment past my bedtime me thinks zzzz

hows you doing love?


Hi KitKat :D

WOW 25 days is great well done Big Hug for you

You forgot your patch for a while a sure sign IMO that you're winning the war this time

Like Chrissie I echo what do you mean IF you get there this time you will make it all the way to the Penthouse and beyond


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Sorry chrissie 3 mistake i knew it was you but typed caz!!! told u i was having a daft moment l:D

thanks for confidence marg, whats does IMO mean? & yeah the penthouse at what stage do i enter? :D

we are all doing good, i am on day 26 now so i am just gonna eat a big chocolate bar after all it is saturday night!!not done any alcohol yet eek but soon very soon im building myself up to it xx


Hi KitKat :D

Day 26 almost a month well done you

IMO means in my opinion and you get to the Penthouse the day you hit 1 YEAR QUIT

Hope you enjoyed the chocolate as for the alcohol you'll know when you're ready for that


Marg xxxxxxxx


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