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5 weeks nearly 6

Just over 5 weeks now yipee - feeling great for being smoke free but just getting over a spell of Gastroenteritis, im sure if i was still smoking it would have taken me alot longer to get over

Moved to the middle size patches now - not felt any different which is good

I dont seem to be counting the days as much now more the weeks , a few weeks ago it would be 16 days or 2 weeks 2 days now im measuring it in weeks so nearly 6 weeks or just over 5 weeks

The craving have nearly gone, I dont think you ever get over them 100% from what other people tell me

Really pleased that i stopped im looking forward to the benefits yet to come !

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Hi Lulee :D

Well done on almost 6 weeks quit that's great keep it up

Sorry you've been poorly though

You're right about the benefits to come there are loads of them as well


Marg xxxxxxx


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