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No Smoking Day
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made the 2 hr drive!

Hi all, well I made the 2 hour drive without thinking too much about smoking, but as soon as I got to my destination and unloaded the girls (at Nanas) I really did feel like one! My mum reminded me that that was in fact what I used to do! I had one puff on the inhalator and then forgot about wanting a ciggy. I am really pleased that I have not had one since I stopped - esp as my partner still smokes and has no intention of stopping - yet anyway!

Take care all and enjoy your smoke free day!


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Thanks everyone!

Hi all, just wanted to say a BIG Thankyou to all those that posted replies and support. It really does mean a lot to me. :D:D


Well done you! All the best and keep it up from a fellow day three'r (also using the inhalator)




Hi Ishta

Well done on getting to Day 3 - I'm now on Day 4 and know exactly what you are going through! I only had a 15 minute drive today and I still managed to eat about 10 midget gems! :D

Well done you - onwards and upwards!


Hi Ishta :D

great day 3 and a two hour drive with hardly a thought of smoking just one puff of the inhalor when you got there

That's a massive trigger you've got out of the way


Marg xxxxxx


Hi guys, Thanks for your replies, have 'puffed' the inhalator about 4 times since being here as so used to disappearing outside to escape the noise of my children! Lol - but then I thought why can't I just go outside for a bit of peace anyway and enjoy the sunshine (albeit brief today) without a ciggy in my hand? So I did and I actually enjoyed it and didn't think of having a ciggy whilst out there!! Yay!

coaltyt, you made me giggle about the mini-gems! Must admit I had one or two minstrels, and a bag of crisps, and a bottle of coke lol!

writerchris, hope you're doing great too on the inhalator amd not thinking too much of having a 'real' one!

And thanks again to Marg whom always has great words of encouragement to everyone that is on here!

Here's to nearly reaching the end of day 3! Cheers :D


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