Hello Day 3 Folder!

Da Daaaaa! Here I am! :D

Once again, the diary continues in the Day 1 forum - but here is my passing contribution on my way to Day 4 - 7 (they'll have to put up with me for a bit longer!)

2 days 21 hours and 15 minutes without you know what. Feeling absolutely fine. Had a really good day today, after a decidedly dodgy day yesterday. I know there is a long raod ahead, but so far I'm doing good thanks!

Nice to be here, take care!

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  • Hi Coaltyt :D

    Day 3 and you're on top of the world that's great well done

    Glad to here today was much better for you big hug


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Nearly at days 4-7 well done you...................:)

    Carol xx

  • Yup well done! Day three for me too, still finding it hard but easier than days 1 and 2 so far and hanging in there. I'm just struggling through to 9pm tonight which is my 72 hour mark then making it through until tomorrow!

    Congrats again :O)

  • Well done

    Hi Coaltyt, so you will have moved to 4-7 now that is fab.

    Also Chris well done to you thought i would send this after 9pm, glad to hear that it is getting better for you.


  • Thanks very much Bev! I'm starting to feel a bit more "normal" luckily. I'm hoping for a better day4 than the first three days of hell he he

    76 hours 31 mins and counting!

    Hope Bev and the rest of you are doing well

    Goodnight fellow quitters


  • Hi Writerchris :D

    Well done you getting through the day and now you're on day 4

    Just keep hanging in there take it a day at a time and even if sometimes it doesn't feel like it every day gets a little easier and you get a little stronger


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Hi Writerchris

    Well done you! I hope things are still on the up for you. How's day 4?

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