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Hello Day 3 Folder!


Da Daaaaa! Here I am! :D

Once again, the diary continues in the Day 1 forum - but here is my passing contribution on my way to Day 4 - 7 (they'll have to put up with me for a bit longer!)

2 days 21 hours and 15 minutes without you know what. Feeling absolutely fine. Had a really good day today, after a decidedly dodgy day yesterday. I know there is a long raod ahead, but so far I'm doing good thanks!

Nice to be here, take care!

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Hi Coaltyt :D

Day 3 and you're on top of the world that's great well done

Glad to here today was much better for you big hug


Marg xxxxxxxxx

Nearly at days 4-7 well done you...................:)

Carol xx

Yup well done! Day three for me too, still finding it hard but easier than days 1 and 2 so far and hanging in there. I'm just struggling through to 9pm tonight which is my 72 hour mark then making it through until tomorrow!

Congrats again :O)

Well done

Hi Coaltyt, so you will have moved to 4-7 now that is fab.

Also Chris well done to you thought i would send this after 9pm, glad to hear that it is getting better for you.


Thanks very much Bev! I'm starting to feel a bit more "normal" luckily. I'm hoping for a better day4 than the first three days of hell he he

76 hours 31 mins and counting!

Hope Bev and the rest of you are doing well

Goodnight fellow quitters


Hi Writerchris :D

Well done you getting through the day and now you're on day 4

Just keep hanging in there take it a day at a time and even if sometimes it doesn't feel like it every day gets a little easier and you get a little stronger


Marg xxxxxxxx

Hi Writerchris

Well done you! I hope things are still on the up for you. How's day 4?

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