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Stopping using patches at day 11


I have decided today to completely stop using the patches all together and just stick with the gum. Have had pretty bad headaches these past few days, I'm sure it's just withdrawal symptoms, but I have been doing so well that I thought I would see how I get on this morning without a patch. And here I am at 12.53 and have only used three bits of gum. Not sure if I am doing a stupid thing, but I suppose if I can't cope I can just go back to the patches again.

Have found it remarkably easy, and I think that, for the first time, my head is in the right place. Why on earth it's taken until now for that to happen (my dad is a heavy smoker and had a triple heart bypass seven years ago; my dad in law died of cancer last year - caused by smoking) I don't know, but I'm glad that I'm finally cracking it.

I have, though, put on three pounds, and have been very careful with what I've been eating, inevitable, I suppose, but a bit depressing. Does smoking increase your metabolism? Joining the gym on Saturday before my clothes start to get too tight!


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