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day 23!!

nsd_user663_1658 wasnt too bad, started a bit moody(but not been getting off sleep to well lately- new symptom insomnia!!) -

this anoon at around 1.30pm!!for some reason i would have done anything for a smoke, a drag anything it was a horrible craving & the truth is its not like ive nothing to do, im always buzy with the kids, their is always something to do in the house, cleaning, cooking etc etc etc..i can very easily fill my time coz i hardly have much time for hobbies anymore - (not trying to sound like wonder woman) but because im not actually sat much being bored & if i do sit the tele or internet is usually good to take my mind off everything & reading - so where am i going wrong, i cant do anymore to fill my time but i am still getting cravings(not quite as often) but when it happens , it make me feel anyone?

:confused: anyway moan over..maybe i should just face it .. this will always happen, just dampens with time i presume x going bed now (hope i get sleep!!) night all xxx

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Hi, Kitkat.

I do what I usually do but without smoking. I think you should live as you've lived before and stop trying to substitute smoking for something else. :-) It's more easiest way IMHO.

Hi KitKat :D

23 days quit well done you Big Hug

I agree with Mungoose don't try to change the way you live or do things as it just makes it harder for you and also makes you miss them more

Remember you're not depriving yourself in the least what you're doing is regaining control of your life, health and wealth


Marg xxxxxxx

thanks mungoose & margaret

Thanks for replies, yeah i do agree with you both , & to be honest my life hasnt changed that much... but its easier said then done to not do anything to take mind off craves?anyway this morning got a bad one again - seem to be coming from nowhere & even at that point i thought "i cant do this im gonna get some fags" well i didnt buy any & i even doubled check my patch to see it was on coz i felt so bad.....but im still here on day 24 for now ...going work soon, kids at my mums so just had my dinner in quiet which was bliss

:confused:I really hope i do this has i feel so unpositive, basically i am trying to substitute smoking with doing other things or eating, but at this stage my head dosnt feel strong enough to just bring it on!!!? make sense? feel upset today, cried twice..anyway see wot today brings & hopefully i will see sense soon xx

KitKat, Things will get better. I don't know how long you were a smoker, but I'm sure it was a lot longer than 24 days. It takes time to get over any habit. I hardly think about smoking at all now, but every once in awhile I will still get a crave (not much of one, just a fleeting thought that I should go out and have a cig, and then oh, I don't smoke kind of a thought). These happen when I do something that I used to do and then have a cig. After 35 years of smoking and only been quit 6 months, I guess I have a lot of these times to still face. They are really easy now to ignore, but happen all the same. Just hang in there, and tell yourself "I chose not to smoke today, I chose health, wealth, and freedom."

hi jody thanks for that, i am still here not caved yet i smoked for 19 years approx , & yeah you are right wots 24 days, im glad you said that about the cravings just being thoughts coz at the moment some of them are like "oh that persons smoking can i have one(thought)" but it passes as quickly as it comes into my head, but the bad craves are not has easy to deal with - so if after time the bad craves turn into the thought ones (of which i have quite often).. then i can deal with that coz i dont mind them now they kind of make me feel good x

once again thank you, going into day 25 tomorrow, of which i will just now smoke for tomorrow x its weird coz early on in the quit although its the hardest days, its kind of a novelty like youre positivity new & strong.. like a child starting school for the very first time all new some get upset, some dont but after a few weeks of that child starting school it must be a sudden realization that this is for keeps!!! the child either A becomes very upset

B just gets used to it

c begins to love the whole school thing

but eventually & each child would be different in the timescale, they would all come to the very same settling in thing no matter how long it took?!!

similar comparison with smoking after a few weeks? maybe only way i could figure it out in my head

thanks for listening, up & down today x

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