No Smoking Day
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My diary continues in the Day 1 thread, but, as a personal celebration, I just HAD to post in here too (and I need to do something with these hands that isn't the s word!)

One of my stupid minor goals is to work my way down these folders. It's not a game of snakes and ladders you know! :D

I'm going for it - top to bottom in one go, no pauses along the way. You'll just have to put up with me for as long as it takes to move on. Lucky for you that's just another 3 hours 11 minutes for me!

Day 3 here I come...


Be afraid, be very afraid....... :eek:

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You keep moving on up them :D

That's what is keeping me going too............I'm in week 3 now and can't wait to go to month 1.........only 2 days 3 hours to go :)

Like you I refuse to go backwards..................onwards and upwards :D

Carol xx


Hi Coaltyt

Just you keep moving in an upwards direction day 3 tomorrow then day 4 and so on

Before you know it you'll be counting weeks then months just hang in there

You're right to celebrate every victory keep winning these little battles and then you'll win the war every one of us must win to freedom


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


One hour thirty five minutes...

Thanks both -

Month 1 seems an awful long way away Caz - but - reflecting on that - I'll be there in 3 weeks 5 days and 1 hours 35 minutes. We'll both be there for a short time, I'll be a newbie as you move on - how exciting! :D


See you there! :D


Hopefully I'll be waiting for you................let me re phrase that .......I WILL be waiting for you :D

Carol xx


Hi Carol :D

I'm glad you rephrased that comment


Just keep going in an upwards direction


Marg xxxxxxxx


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