Still going

so i got through last night, thanks guys don't think i could have done it without you. however i still really feel like i want a cig, i have all 3 kids with me all day today so i can't (my 10 year old would kill me). reckon it has to get better soon. i am on my own again tomorrow so lets just hope i don't feel this bad then.

i plan to read read read tonight.

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  • Hi Bev :D

    Well done getting through last night but sorry you're still craving so badly today

    You say you're spending the evening reading that will really help you


    Marg xxxxxxx

  • hi Bev hows it going now lovee. iv not been on here for a while due to time restrictions but welcome and good luck to you and keep strong positive and keep on here...i racked everyone constantl;y in the first few months, margareth, linda, nic lots more who helped me so much and i really really could never ever have got to 20 weeks without them all... i will really try to get on here and support you and others especially when im on night shifts as i have a bit more time then, anyhow keep strong, burn some oils if need be, i found that a brought an aroma stone and burnt different oils regulary and this well helped me big time, when i craved which i did real badly i used the psychological technique where i told myself i do not need one and i inhaled the aroma of lavendar and ylang ylang and for me this was great, iv also this week started running, can do 3 miles WITHOUT getting out of breath and thats a miracle for me and you'll be saying the same to me you'll see...keeps strong and keep coming on here xx

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