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No Smoking Day
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right now

ok, here i am kids in bed, OH at work, a bottle of wine empty, and i really want a cig, really really really, so i could go out and buy some? or i could go to bed (only 10pm) or i could go completly mad, somebody make me laugh, or cry or anything, if i stop typing i know i will buy some and smoke lots.

OMG i think this is the worst i have felt in my 3 attempts at this.:eek:

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Stay strong and distract yourself.

Read old posts, read woofmang, read whyquit. Maybe punch some cushions, or talk to yourself and tell yourself that you really really don't want to smoke etc...

You will get through this, and it will get better, honest.


but i do

it all sounds great but right now i do want to smoke, and i have decided to eat my way through it, so this sexy slim fab woman is about to turn into Jo Brand who is also sexy and fab and i believe a woman, so there, not much change then.


Is madness a possible side effect of not smoking cause right now i feel like i am about as sane as King George.

Anybody fancy one of my poppadoms?


Bev you can do it, type, play suduko, knit, eat, exercise, go to bed early, stand on your head ... do anything but don't smoke. You CAN do it, you really CAN.


woah cross post ... don't worry you won't turn into Jo Brand, it takes a HECK of a lot of eating to get that big, believe me I've eaten my bodyweight in foods many, many times and I've never been as big as Jo Brand.

Quit quit quit stay quit quit quit ... worry about food later.


Ahh, poor Jo Brand lol! Seriously, I have so been where you are now but I promise this craving will pass and you will be so pleased if you don't give in. Keep talking to people on here, think of the reasons you quit, turn the sound down on the nico monster that is on your shoulder, better still, kick him up the bum! lol

Good luck



bed is the only choice

it is late, and OH still not home, feel like sh*t, soOO want a cig.

i am going to bed, and tomorrow morning i will be into the next day and we have babyballet in the morning and then my mum and dad are coming in the afternoon, so busy busy busy and then it will be Thursday and i have to do the accounts and then it will be Friday which is only 24hours away from ONE WHOLE WEEK.


Hope tomorrow is better for you, think it is always bad when you are on your own I know I still struggle sometimes if I am on my own but as soon as Mark walks in or I see someone fags dont get a thought. You will soon be at a week :)


who's jo brand??


Hi Bev :D

I really hope you got through last night and feel better today


Marg xxxxxxx


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