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feeling sad

Feeling a bit down today, went to supermarket to get a few things and really thought about buying some cigs, but didn't, am eating everything in sight and feel really down about that too.

i feel weepy and sad and just generally down.


i am on my own at home, kids are at a party, it is raining and i have toothache. i should be getting on with the paperwork but i don't seem to be able to give a dam.

i will be into day 5 by 7pm tonight so i guess i just put up and shut up.

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You don't need to shut can come on here and moan as much as you like. We have all been where you are and can totally understand where you are coming from.

You are doing so well, nearly day 5...........well done.

Carol xx


Bev, you'll get through this. I had times I just wanted to smoke, I walked about the house clenching and unclenching my fists, cried, screamed etc etc. And ate my bodyweight in sweets.

it will pass - hang on in there, it DOES get easier, you know it will. :)


Bev, I couldn't have quit if I hadn't followed Nic and Stuarts read, read, read! Education and understanding nicotine addiction really really helps. If you can find the time, read the links at my signature. They will help get your mind in the right place and once you have the proper mind set, things will get easier. I smoked for 35 years up to 2 packs a day and quit CT by reading those links over and over again and this forum. It can be done and you will be able to do it.


Hey Bev,

I have 1 thing to say to 2 days time it'll be a week that you've been smoke free ;)

2 measly days, think about how good that'll feel and you'll be able to make it through the day, stay optimistic and positive through these tough times.

Im on Day 5 and I feel like packing it all in and smoking (even though im really ill), but I could never have imagined myself going a week without a fag, and i've nearly done it.

Stay strong



Hi Bev :D

So sorry to here you feel down today

Feeling a you do is normal just now but you know this

If it helps yell anything you like just don't smoke YOU CAN DO IT


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


Hi Bev...

I've cried too. Many times! Not yet on this quit but there's still time.

It's amazing to see how many of us have done the same things, even more amazing that we are pining for something that causes so much misery and discomfort. I know that if I were to pick up a cigarette now, the dissapointment and regret would be so immense, it would be unbearable.

If it weren't for the support of the people here, I wonder if I'd have given in by now.

Maybe it just better to quietly accept that we're letting go of a very powerful drug and that these feelings do happen and WILL go away. I know they do because I've done the process before and it all stops eventually.

Keep your chin up, we're rooting for you x


Hi Bev

I do hope your feeling a little better today it will get easyer honest. the first week is by far the worse just take each day as it comes. All the feelings your having are what most of us have had. I like Jody smoked for 35 years 40 a day quit ct and will be 8 month tomorrow. There are much better days to come Honest.xxxxxx


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