No Smoking Day
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rubber ball

i just keep bouncing. not this time though. i am feeling fairly sh*t right now, i have shared a bottle of wine with OH (who still thinks my last cig was 5 weeks ago) so i can't winge to him, i am eating like it is going out of fashion and i need this next 24hours to just be over. so the morning is going to be difficult the afternoon quite hard but by teatime tomorrow the dreaded 3 will be almost over.

hope some of that makes sense just venting my anger etc, need to feel better and in some strange way this helps.

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Hang on in there it will be over soon.

Carol xx


Hi Bev :D

Day 2 is almost over so just hang in there you know it will get better soon


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


Better soon!

Be strong - be determined! You can do this - we can all do this.

Find a treat - long hot soak in a bubble-filled bath? Walk the dog? Anything that is nice and takes your mind off you-know-what!

Sending happy vibes~~~~~~~:D


hang on there, you can do it :) good luck!


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