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No Smoking Day
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trying to keep positive

Can't say i feel as positive today, and i'm doing the grumpy thing, going on holiday in about 3 weeks and don't won't to be grumpy then and i know if i don't have a cig my mood will be better by then. so my plan for today is to keep busy (not a problem with 3 kids and a dog) and remember that it gets a little bit better everyday.


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Hope you've had better days since your last post and that you're feeling positive about stopping again. It is stressfull with kids as I bet when they annoyed you you just went out for a puff! (I know I used to with mine lol)

Anyway stay positive girl. You Will Beat The Nicotine :D


Hi Bev :D

Sorry I missed this but I hope that now on day 6/7 you feel much better look forward to that holiday and have a great time smoke free


Marg xxxxxxx


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