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72 today

72 days for me so far. the first 6 weeks using patches then the next 4 weeks patch free. Problem is though that i started to get cravings recently so have just started to use an inhalater today which has not really done me any good and think from now on it will be no NRT at all.

One thing i'me itching to know from other quiters who also drink is did they find the taste of alcohol horrible. My favourite tipple is John Smiths bitter which i found and still do to taste horrible.

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Hi Andy

I personally always found J Smiths tasted quite bad. Maybe that's all there is to it :-)

Seriously though, I reckon that for me, drinks which were a bit borderline before seem more so now. Ciggies changed the taste !

Bet there are lots of opiions on ths one though. Be interested to see what others say.




Well done on Day 72 BTW - Teriffic effort !


I found tastes changed, mostly with food but also drinks.

I can't stand some of the "cheap" processed foods I used to buy.


Hi Andy

Well done on 72 days quit

Your sense of taste does change a lot when you quit

I don't drink very much at all but enjoy a glass of wine sometimes but I have found that the one I always liked now tastes differently than it did

Have a read of the links in my signature you will find all sorts of things to help you with the craves and lots of other things as well


Marg xxxxxxxx


Well done on 72 days :)

I drink, and I like lager, wine and cider. I rarely drink spirits, perhaps a few times a year I'll have rum or an amaretto.

I find with lager ... well I drink Carlsberg, cos it's not v high in alcohol and with lager it's more the feeling of a cold bubbly drink that I like. I like the light headed feeling of being tipsy but I hate being drunk, hence the low ABV in it means less chance of getting drunk. So it's pretty flavourless anyway but I don't drink it for its flavour, so no real difference.

Cider .... haven't had any for a while, it's more of a summer drink for me, to have when it's really hot. It's been raining of late so havent' had any.

Wine - I only like white, and I always thought as a smoker it was a bit pointless drinking white wine cos you can't realy taste it properly. I used to buy the real bargain basement wines, now I've noticed these don't have much taste for them so i've upped my stakes a bit on the wine front. Now I don't smoke my roll ups anymore I have an extra £10-£15 a week so can afford a slightly better wine. I'm certainly noticing more flavour in it! (I also have it with ice, neat wine is too heavy on the alcohol for me .... I love drinking but hate getting drunk, so i have to find ways to "cheat" when I drink, ie watering it down, sometimes having zero alcohol lagers in with the alcoholic ones. no bad thing for my health really).

OK - conclusion of the alcohol report :)


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